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Theatrical contest on Tolearnce and Cultural diversity in Tula

On New Year's Eve Mary Poppins and Little Prince visited Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical university. They told their stories in English ... Faculty of Foreign Languages and TUELTA organized a theatrical competition for the second time on December 26, 2012. This year the theme of the mini-performances was tolerance and cultural diversity.

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The first NATE Conference Online Experience and Contest was conducted on the ELT-Russia Ning. Kudos to the initiator and manager of this Contest - Toni Hull, Senior EFL fellow in Moscow!

The contest was based on 3 blog entries, posted over a period of about a week.  Each post included highlights from plenaries and workshops on all 3 days of the conference, with both written and video material.  In the lead up to the Online Conference Experience and throughout the contest, the Ning thanked the sponsors of the contest prizes.

In the end 16 people had their names chosen in the random drawing, and ten of them have won the books selected for the contest (prizes included  Cambridge University Press books, 3 books from Pearson Education, and, for 3 winners, an annual membership to TESOL International).  The Main Page of the Ning currently shows a list of the winners with their prizes.

The following comments from participants show that the project was well received and the contest much appreciated.

“Thank you much for having organised such an awareness-raising contest for teachers. I really appreciate being among the winners.” 
“Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the NATE conference, albeit virtually. Watching the videos and presentations made palpable the energy and positively charged intellectual atmosphere of the conference.  I wanted my colleagues to share this experience and distributed the materials. Everybody is nothing but enthusiastic and appreciative of the work you have done.  We are looking forward to the upcoming conferences and hope to participate next time around.”
“Thanks a lot for the good news that I’m a winner. Thank you for an exciting opportunity to dive into NATE conference activities even online. Sure, it's worth doing again next year.”
Here are the names of winners:

Agafonova   Marina, Kaliningrad,School 28
Chistova  Galina, Moscow Zelenograd,School 842
Rogozina   Irina, Syktyvkar,Syktyvkar State University
Dubrovskaya  Irina, Raduzhny,School 8
Kondratenko   Lyudmila, Abakan, Khakassia, Gymnasium
Blinova  Elena, Smolensk,Smolensk University for Humanities
Rents   Tatiana, Volzhsky,Volzhsky Institute of Humanities
Zhukova   Rimma,  Miass, Chelyabinsk region, School 16
Fetisova   Svetlana, Irkutsk,Irkutsk Linguistic University
Grigoryeva  Ekaterina, Ivanovo,Ivanovo State University
Goltsman Marina, Khabarovsk,The Lyceum of Innovative Technologies
Kobzina Tatiana, Moscow,Moscow State Regional University
Kopylova Natalia, Irkutsk,Irkutsk State Linguistic University
Kuznetsova Irina, Volzhsky,Volzhsky Institute of Humanities
Pozdnyakova Alexandra, Kaliningrad,The Baltic State Academy
Shvalova Galina, Tomsk,Tomsk Polytechnic University


Teaching Tolerance and Celebrating Diversity Through Video

Всероссийский конкурс видеороликов «Tolerance Through Video» организован Тульской, Уральской и Ямальской, Рязанской ассоциациями преподавателей английского языка при поддержке Офиса английского языка посольства США в Москве. Конкурс проходит в рамках проекта «Fostering Tolerance and Cultural Awareness Through English Language Teaching (ELT)», нацеленного на воспитание толерантного отношения к другим культурам и их представителям на уроках английского языка посредством обучения иностранным языкам и культурам.

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Конкурс на самый интересный короткий научно-фантастический рассказ.

Программа Фулбрайта в РФ объявляет конкурс для школьников на самый интересный короткий научно-фантастический рассказ. Правила участия в конкурсе: 1) Автором может быть любой российский школьник (с 1 по 11 класс включительно) или студент ссуза (возраст – до 18 лет). 2) ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО укажи свои фамилию и имя, город, номер (название) школы, возраст, класс, адрес электронной почты, телефон для связи (можно также указать телефон и имя родителя или учителя). Все это надо написать в верхней части первой страницы. 3) Язык – русский. 4) Размер рассказа – 300 – 500 слов. 5) Размер файла – строго до 5 Мб. 6) Сюжет – только мирный. 7) Можно добавлять иллюстрации и схемы. 8) Файл с рассказом просим называть в формате KONKURS R FAMILIYA, где FAMILIYA – это твоя фамилия латинскими буквами. Ждем с нетерпением ваши рассказы по адресу RussianComp@fulbright.ru ДО 20 августа 2014 года. Результаты будут объявлены 30 сентября 2014 года.

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British Council contests: Music crossword. Win two tickets for Music Festival!

If you like music and always dreamed to go to the summer music festival you now have a great chance to win 2 tickets for Ahmad Tea Music Festival which will take place on the 7th June in Moscow! Do the music crossword and win two tickets for the Ahmad Tea Music Festival! Please submit your answers by 1 pm (Moscow time) on June 3rd. Refer to the Music section of LearnEnglishTeens website to find answers and to learn a lot more about music! The competition is open for the residents of the Russian Federation over 18 years old (read all terms and conditions in Russian or in English). The winner of the quiz will get two tickets for the festival. The British Council will not cover any other expenses connected with attending the festival. Good luck!

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Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) Program

We are happy to announce recruitment for the Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA program), that provides six-week professional development workshops to international school teachers. The program will take place in the U.S. in the spring or fall of 2018. Full-time secondary school teachers of STEM, social sciences, English and Special Education with at least 5 years of teaching experience and good knowledge of English can submit applications here:http://oas.irex.org/tea>.

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Ben Franklin Essay Contest for high school students

Мы рады объявить конкурс Летних институтов для школьников имени Бенджамина Франклина. Программа пройдет в июне-июле 2017 года в университете Wake Forest в Северной Каролине. Россию будет представлять один участник.

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Salavat Access in Orlyonok-2011
Festival of foreign languages (December, 2010,Smolensk)
Access in Design for Change movement - 2011

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