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Talent Shows

FEELTA and NOVELTA have excelled in organizing Talent Shows.

My Perspectives of the FEFU/FEELTA 2013 Talent Show
By Dr. Rob Danin, Senior English Language Fellow

On the wintry day of Saturday, April 6, 2013 many brave students, their teachers and families came to participate in the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) / Far Eastern English Language Teachers Association (FEELTA) 17th annual regional talent show in Vladivostok.  I am very glad they did!
As an invited guest judge and a native English speaker I must truly say that there was much I was impressed with.  A sense of honor should be felt by all who helped make this event memorable for all involved.  I can honestly state that I was overwhelmed in a very positive manner by the level of talent exhibited by the students who brought to the stage their varied styles of skill and grace for the pleasure of both the judges and audience-at-large.  We were treated to a showcase of singing, dancing, sketches and recitations by all levels of students.  I say thank you to them all for treating us to a day of song, dance and more!  I have to give a special “shout out” to the youngest members of the show for their courage and skill in their willingness to perform for the crowd.  I know I would never have had the bravery at their age they so charmingly displayed.
The over 90 performances would not have been as greatly appreciated without the level of organization demonstrated by all those behind-the-scenes.  From faculty members to student volunteers (along with the teachers and parents of the students) this special event would not have been special without all of their efforts.  They may not have been directly under the stage lights, but their own performance in coordinating this highly complex event is a talent in and of itself.  To these highly dedicated individuals a great big THANK YOU! is in order.
The only struggle throughout the day was in being a talent show judge!  Having to make judgment on the all the heartfelt performances was a tough assignment.  Not only did the multi-talented performers display their creative efforts, but their willingness and ability to use the English language in their performances is also to be commended.  Please let me express at this time my own heartfelt expressions of gratitude in being able to witness this significant cultural event hosted by FEFU/FEELTA.  I hope I will be attendance for the 18th annual talent show!



Possible TA Activities

Representatives of 16 EFL Teachers' Associations shared their experience at the Panel "How to Make the Association Stronger" during the XVth NATE Conference in Kazan.

Here is a list of the activities that help unite teachers and make the Association stronger:

  • competitions (translation, speaking, debating, public speaking, poetry reading, etc.)
  • festivals, EFL Marathons
  • dvc's with other TAs
  • mentoring projects
  • public speaking and other workshops
  • debates, mini-UN
  • book club for teachers
  • conversation club/tea parties for teachers
  • seniors learners classes
  • publishing proceedings
  • international summer camp (that includes training component for teachers)
  • creation of an Association website
  • community outeach (teach at orphanage)

The teachers also highlighted important factors that make the impact stronger:

  1. It is important to rotate the venue of the event (rotating schools and universities, American Corners, if possible),
  2. It is desirable to change the format of activities (dvc, workshop, institute, etc.)
  3. Teachers' work should be praised - don't forget about certificates, prizes and awards
  4. Every voice should be heard - vary the content areas (assessment, area studies, IT, young learners, etc.)
  5. Regular and transparent communication is CRUCIAL (website, newsletter, email, social bookmarking, etc.)

Second Winter linguacultural school (12-16 January, Smolensk)

It has become a good tradition to hold Linguacultural School for pupils by Smolensk Association of teachers of English. This time the School was devoted to Business English and was titled "Key steps to successful business communication". It included lectures, workshops, seminars that supposed a number of different activities: games, pole-plays, case-studies,psychological training sessions. The final event of the School was a Big Business Quest where the participants were to do tasks checking how well they learnt the material of the 5-days of the School. All the participants were awarded the prizes presented by the ELO.

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Annual cross-cultural film-based contest held by ATES(April, 6, 20011)

On April, 6 Smolensk Association of teachers of English organized the annual 5th Cross-cultural film-based contest for pupils.

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Cross-cultural Seminar for pupils of a village school (ATES)

On April, 23 there was conducted aOne-Day cross-cultural Seminar for 50 pupils of Shatalovo village school of Smolensk region "Tips for successful communication in the world of English".

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U.S. studies contest in Tula

The final round of the U.S. studies Olympiadwas was completed on April 8. The students’ contest consisted of three rounds, two online and final face-to-face. The regional contest was organized by Tula Regional English Language Teachers’ Association, Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical University and English Language Office (U.S. Embassy in Moscow) with the financial support of the U.S. Department of State.

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Picturing America in Russia
Presentations of PA project
Salavat Access in Orlyonok 2015
ELTA-URALS: Elena Lubnina's presentation of ELO programs and projects at IFL (USPU), Yekaterinburg.

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